New York Biologics Inc. has been providing material to the Invitro Diagnostic industry since 1993.

New York Biologics Inc. is now well into our 25th year of business.

A primary function of New York Biologics is to supply disease state samples such as: Serum, Plasma, Hemoglobin Variants, CSF, Endotracheal Aspirates, NP Swabs, Stool, Urine, Amniotic Fluid, Drug of Abuse Urine, Liquid Cytology Samples and many other Assay types derived from Hospital and /or Commercial Reference Labs. The use of these materials ranges from: assay development, sensitivity projects, specificity studies and correlation studies.

We also coordinate with US based, Blood Centers for other source materials: Packed RBC Units both Indate &/or Expired, Source Leukocytes, Test Negative Normals and Plasma also for use to the Invitro diagnostic industry.

Our source materials have been collected through 25 years of relationships with a US based FDA licensed blood center(s), hospital(s), commercial and/or esoteric labs. New York Biologics does not purchase materials from any other broker organizations.

The products listed are available and are updated to meet the demands of a this ever-changing Invitro Diagnostic industry.

New York Biologics has the experience, resources and knowledge for these products maintaining a high regard for quality. Our customer service reflects that we are here to meet the goals of your product development.

Please let us know what product needs your company has, and we will make every effort
to source the requested needs for Clinical Laboratory Samples or Blood Center Derived products.